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Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Spork

They have deserved the fiery pit, and are already sentenced to it.

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What's this all about?

I confess, I'm an admirer of both deleterius and the community that spawned it, marysues, both excellent communities devoted to the art of the spork. So I am unashamedly modeling this community upon those superior efforts, because, let's face it, those of us in the Veronica Mars fandom who are inclined to mock need somewhere to do so.

This community is NOT the place for personal attacks or flames. It is a place to vent our frustration about fics that insist on calling Veronica "Ronnie" or that cannot accept the idea that "writhed" is not spelled "wreathed". It is a place for mocking, not for vendettas. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Sounds good, sign me up.

In order to post, you must join the community. Be aware that it may take a day or two to process requests.

U peepl r so meen!!1!eleven1!!

If your story winds up here, it is not because we don't like you, it's because you can't write. Try to look at it as an object lesson, and do any venting elsewhere. Flaming will only amuse us further.

Posting format
Please, when posting use the following format:
Link: (If the story is posted in a public community. Do NOT link to another user's livejournal - such a link is a violation of TOS and could get this community yanked)
Particular Badfic Cliches:

Sample of sporked fic.

Please keep actual sporking behind an lj-cut, and mock the writing, not the author. Also, Do NOT post the story in full - post snippets only.

Thank you for your interest. Now on with the sporking.